Who We Are

We are an enthusiastic group of ecologists focused on advancing knowledge of fundamental ecological processes and functions—knowledge that is necessary to develop new approaches to the restoration of landscapes disturbed by human activity. Learn more about our lab members and their specific research interests here.

Our Research

Restoration of severely disturbed landscapes is a crucial issue facing Canada’s northern boreal forests. The ultimate goal in such projects is to transform reclaimed land into self-sustaining forest ecosystems that function at a similar level—if not exactly the same—as what was there before. To achieve this, rapid establishment of tree cover and a return to a flourishing understory community are essential.

The peculiar regeneration strategy of aspen (suckering from its root system) and its autumn leaf-fall (annual carbon and nutrient input to the soil) makes aspen a keystone species of boreal reclamation sites. We are recognized as a hub of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) research. Learn more about our focal areas.

Our Approach

In collaboration with other research groups, government, and industrial sponsors, we tackle both pure and applied research questions to advance the discipline of land reclamation. Our close relationships and multi-disciplinary approach means that many of our research discoveries have direct industrial application and can influence future policy. Learn more about the industrial research chair and our collaborative approach to research.