Past Group Members

Sascha Bachmann, MSc
Aspen regeneration after forest floor protection in oil sands exploration (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Victor Lieffers

Jana Bockstette, MSc
The role of soil reconstruction and soil amendments in forest reclamation (Abstract)
Dr. Douglass Jacobs

Simon Bockstette, PhD
Roots in reconstructed soils – how land reclamation practices affect the development of tree root systems (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Brad Pinno

David Galvez, PhD
Ecophysiology and carbon allocation of aspen and balsam poplar seedlings in response to drought (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Mel Tyree

Jake Gaster, MSc
Carbon and nutrient dynamics underlying interactions between aspen and ectomycorrhizal fungi (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Justine Karst

Devin Goodsman, PhD
Physiological, ecological and environmental factors that predispose trees, stands and landscapes to infestation by tree-killing Dendroctonus beetles (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Victor Lieffers

Alex Goeppel, MSc
Jack pine seedling performance in response to drought and outplanting (Abstract)

Jordana Fair, MSc
The potential of forest floor transfer for the reclamation of boreal forest understory plant communities (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Ellen MacDonald

Shanon Hankin, MSc
Native tree seedling interactions with variations in edaphic properties in upland boreal forest restoration (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Justine Karst

Elizabeth Hoffman, MSc
Influence of environment and site factors and biotic interactions on vegetation development following surface mine reclamation using coversoil salvaged from forest sites (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Ellen Macdonald

Stefan Hupperts, MSc
Ectomycorhizzal fungal community response to disturbance and host phenology (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Justine Karst

Justine Karst, Research Associate
Reclaiming upland forests: Links among trees, ectomycorrhizae and capping material

Carolyn King, MSc 
Regeneration dynamics of seedling-origin aspen: implications for reclamation (Abstract)

Shauna Kulbaba, MSc
Evaluating trembling aspen seedling stock characteristics in response to drought and outplanting on a reclamation site (Abstract)

Kyle Le, MSc
Aspen seedling characteristics and performance on grassy reclamation sites (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Amanda Schoonmaker

Frances Leishman, Field Technician 

Kate Melnik, MSc 
Creating microsites for boreal understory species establishment (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Kevin Devito

Morgane Merlin, PhD
Using sap flow sensors to measure water uptake in trees: challenges and opportunities (Abstract)

Charlotte Norris, PhD
Soil organic matter cycling in novel and natural boreal forest ecosystems (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Sylvie Quideau

Gregory Pec, Postdoctoral Fellow 
Co-supervisor: Dr. Justine Karst

Sheryl Ramnarine, MSc
Disturbance Effects of Oil Sands Exploration Practices on Coarse-textured Soils and Populus tremulloides Michx. Regeneration (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Myles Dyck

Javier Rodriguez, MSc
Effect of stocktype characteristics and time of planting on performance of aspen seedlings on boreal reclamation sites (Abstract)

Kaitlin Schott, MSc
Production and outplanting success of nutrient loaded aspen seedlings (Abstract)

Amanda Schoonmaker, PhD
Resource allocation, water relations and crown architecture examined at the tree and stand-level in northern conifers (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Victor Lieffers 

Natalie Scott, MSc
Role of host identity, stand composition, soil type and disturbance severity in structuring ectomyccorhizal communiteis in the boreal forest (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Justine Karst 

Jessica Snedden, MSc
Resource allocation, water relations and crown architecture examined at the tree and stand-level in northern conifers Root distribution, architecture, transpiration and sapflow dynamics of mature trembling aspen growing along a hillslope (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Uldis Silins

Alia Snively, MSc
Competitive relationships in forest restoration: Impact of cover crops and fertilization on tree and understory development (Abstract)

Kevin Solarik, Postdoctoral Fellow

Shauna Stack, MSc
The influence of soil reconstruction materials and targeted fertilization on the regeneration dynamics in boreal upland forest reclamation (Abstract).

Erika Valek, MSc
Planted tree seedling success following compost use on a reclaimed coal mine (Abstract)

Julia Wachowski, MSc
Transfer of live aspen roots as a reclamation technique: Effects of soil depth, root diameter and fine root growth on root suckering ability (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Victor Lieffers

Erin Wiley, Postdoctoral Fellow

Alison Wilson, MSc
Effects of biochar, fertilizer, and shelter treatments on the vegetation development following coal mine reclamation (Abstract)
Co-supervisor: Dr. Ellen Macdonald

Trevor de Zeeuw, MSc
The role of microtopographic variation in forest reclamation (Abstract)